Sunday, October 7, 2012

Culture Wars

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week. If the truth be known, I love the idea of a sabboth, a day of rest. With the pace of life in general, and the demands of my life in particular, I appreciate that the Creator of the Universe gives me one day off every week. I prefer to worship my Lord and God in a beautiful and relaxed setting. Churches that do not seek to conform to our modern, loud, and fast paced culture appeal to me.

Our adult children are in a season of their lives where they're seeking to understand the connection and relevance between life here and now, and their faith. Most of the churches that address these questions for young people also play "young people" music complete with booming bases. Personally, nothing will make me run and take cover faster than loud drums or base guitar. So, for good or bad, David takes the kids to a "culturally relevant" church while I stay home and watch Alistair Begg on-line.

One great part of Sunday which we've managed to reimplement is our Sunday family lunch. Last year Justyn and Andrew usually worked weekends but they, too, decided that the Sabboth is worth observing, and take that day off. Today was Andrew's day to finish the dishes after lunch so, as is customary, he listens to his Ipod while he works. Unfortunatly, it's spewing rapp through my entire house. Picture this, I'm upstairs in the loft working at my computer doing household accounting while enduring his disturbing music... but there is a limit to my patience! The rapp has got to go, or be drowned out.

I turn on my Scottish Philharmonic CD of the Psalms and blast it back while trying to concentrate on my numbers. In the middle of a transaction, my Quicken software roars out a "" and the sound of money plays in harmony with my Scottish Psalms. I laughed as I wondered if this was God's way of reminding me, in the midst of my frustration and impatience and not being able to focus on my "treasures on earth," to store up treasures in heaven?