Monday, February 18, 2013

Can I Get Off this Merry-Go-Round Now?

Gone are the days that I used to post on my blog every week. Gone are the hours of allowing my mind to weave their creative thoughts and compose something fairly entertaining, or at least coherant, to read. Which is why my last post was two months ago... oh my!

I'm feeling the reality of living in a busy city as a working mom with five kids at home. So little time!  This week Eldest Son turned 20 - no more teenager!  I now have two twenty-somethings with three more trailing close behind. Not surprisingly, we found it impossible to schedule a "birthday dinner" where everybody was available which is funny considering we all live in the same house. Solution?  A birthday breakfast before Birthday Boy heads to work.

His bithday fell on the same day the twins had their ROTC Military Ball and their first dates. I grinned when my freshmen sons told me their dates were a high school sophomore and junior. Obviously, they've adjusted to high school just fine.  Take a look-see.

Patrick & Bambi

Dominic & Elina

On another note, tomorrow I take daughter #2 and child #3 to get her drivers permit. I told her it was a waste of time because there are no more cars to drive.  Five drivers and three cars in a place as spread out as Texas, who are we kidding!