Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Baby Boxes to Barracks and other Milestones

Several years ago, Husband bought a book entitled "How to Beat Burnout." The fact that I was pregnant with child #3, we had recencely moved, and Husband had changed employers (but stayed in the same field) and fighting L.A. traffic had him a bit concerned.  The author said when one experiences any three major life changes such as a birth, death, job change, major move, etc your likelihood of experiencing burnout is extremely high. Well, we soon realized that we always scored five or above at any point in our life. Some people call it burnout, we call it life. So here is an update.

Like many other families at this time of the year, we celebrated another high school graduation. So now it's 3 down 2 to go, for high school that is. I guess we start the countdown again once college graduations come and go, huh!  Yes, Middle Daughter graduated this month which was a great reason to have family from far and near join in the festivities. #1 Auntie from CA spent a week with us which was another good reason to meet and share a meal with our newly discovered Counsins who happen to live in the Big A...No, not The Big Apple. Guess again. We shared a day of celebrating milestones and getting to know Cousins we didn't know we had. But that's a long story reserved for an episode. Does finding out you have multiple additions to the family consistute a birth?

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Eldest Son informed us that he'll be Anchors Aweigh in January. Yes, three years of Sea Cadets during high school and two years of college have set him up to continue studying Linguists through the Navy.  If he had his way, he'd be gone now but these government agencies do take their time in processing paperwork. Three years of ROTC-type participation comes with it's benefits...if only I can find those certificates. I think I tucked them away in his Baby Box. When I stashed them away three years ago I had no idea I would be pulling them out for this. So it is possible that come 2014 we will have only three children left at home. Would two less children living at home qualify for another life change? To add frosting to the cake, after six years of moving and renting, we have bought a home and yes, we have downsized. So, I guess we are sticking around for awhile. Or at least I am, Husband is in France as I'm writing this post. Just kidding, he is only gone for a week. Although the thought occurred to me that when Husband goes on a business trip, 50% of the time it mens another move, but no, we are not moving to France, only to the next county at the end of July - just as we are helping Eldest Daughter settle into UT to finish the last two years of her nursing degree.

Well, so much for burnout. We just call it an adventure and are thankful for all the places we have lived, the people we have met and continue to meet, and for family that still comes to visit.