Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's a Jungle Out There!

I always thought Husband should have lived during the time commonly referred to as "The Age of Exploration." You know, Christoper Columbus, Ponce de Leon, and Vasco de Gama. I think he has a deep-seeded need to explore, travel, and conquer. Okay, so it's three hundred years later, but better late than never! He's working deep in the jungle of Central America, Panama to be exact. Each day he's driven an hour and half one way to get to work where he manages a team of laid back workers who he's trying to turn into productive American-style workers. Trying is the keyword.

The Jungles of Panama

So, while Husband is managing the workers in Panama, I'm managing the workers here in the forth largest, and rapidly growing, metropolis in the nation. The updates since August are numerous so buckle your seatbelt and pray for least until December. Husband's initial expedition was to last until end of October. However, as is customary for his employers, the date continues to extend. In the meantime, I'm preparing for yet another move toward the end of November to the next county which is closer to my work and closer to the kids schools. Eldest daughter moves downtown near the Med Center to continue her B.S.N program with all its intensity. And if things weren't eventful enough, she and Her Guy decided to bump the wedding date up one year - to THIS December. Everything in me has shifted into turbo charge and I find myself approaching it with the same enthusiasm of designing a client's home. Her Guy will only have a two week leave (hopefully) over Christmas so we'll combine a Christmas celebration and wedding which means I actually get to see my extended family around Christmas. Personally, winter is my favorite time of year, even in the Big H so I'm very excited. Although my extended family will be here, it looks like Husband will only be making a guest appearance to give the bride away, then taking off again for uncharted lands. C'est la vie! Although Husband's gone, I'm seldom short of companionship because I've added two more adult children to my household who I will miss very much when they're no longer here. Like so many other young men in my midst, Mr. S will be flying high into the wild blue yonder come October 29 and Ms. J will be heading downtown for school after Christmas. Well, with any luck, the next post will contain wedding pics and a recent photo of Husband so I don't forget what he looks like! Cheers!

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